Bonn Shutter

Shutter with 125mm x 125mm aperture

The Shutter system consists of:

Mechanical Shutter Unit:

Shutter type: Slit-type shutter with two independent blades driven by stepper motors
Mass: ca. 2.5 kg
Aperture: 125mm x 125mm
Blade material: Carbon fiber. Low reflectivity is achieved by a stable, resistant, black paint
Minimum exposure time: < 10ms
Exposure time error: < 300µs
Exposure non-uniformity: < 1ms over the full field of view

Shutter Control Unit with external power supply:

Dimensions: about 230mm x 130mm x 45mm (connectors attached), 1 kg
Signal lines: Shutter open/close + 3 status lines, more status information and parameter setting via RS232
Push buttons (3): open/close, reset, auto-calibration
Shutter cable specs: Length: TBD, 8m maximum, Diameter: 10mm, Bending radius: 20mm, Connectors: 2 DB-25 (male/female)
Power supply: 170mm x 65mm x 40mm, 0.6 kg, 95|230VAC and 50|60Hz


User manual: Installation and operation instructions, Software protocol description


Data sheet (PDF)
Dimension drawing (PDF)
CAD models (zipped STEP)
Shutter electronics box, 2D and 3D

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